“Tell me I’m your animal too.”
Animal was released in June of 2018 as Sabrie’s second single. Lullaby turned grungy electronic pop, Animal is filled with sweetness and dynamic directness. Saturated harmony mantras layer over juicy synth lead our animal ears through the jungle. 
Artist Statement: “Animal started as a lullaby, a calming imperative of codependency from mother to child, from partner to partner, from government to populace, from manager to employee – we are one animal to another. As we each come into the world with inherent need, so we are needed in return. We cannot possess without being possessed. We cannot crave without being craved. We cannot care for without being cared for. We cannot fight without being fought.
Music Producer | Ethan Kattau
Photography & Creative Direction for cover image | Dani Dipillo 
Edits & Cover | Allison Sabrie

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