Get High

“Let’s talk about depression, but make it pop.” Get High is personal and connective. It carries direct sentiments toward our mutual need for elevated (and/or medicated) consciousness while addressing the inevitable duality of our human existence. We are high and low. We are breathing and still. We are connected and separate. We are living and dying. Loaded with direct vocals, layered harmonies, and synth/string loops, this art piece is dedicated to our collective conscious potential. “Will you get high with me?”
The Get High single released on 4/20 in 2019 with an art pop music video debut.
Artist Statement: “This project and music video was an exercise in audible/visual storytelling, focusing on revealing the complex and active inner workings of our brains in contrast with what can be perceived of us outwardly. Depression is currently estimated to impact more than 300 million people globally with countless and varied effects on individuals and family units. We must elevate ourselves collectively to soothe and restore those impacted by these lows – both directly and indirectly. We must talk about our mental health. We must search out and receive help and banace. We are all here. We are all experiencing highs and lows, we are all alive and dying, together at the same time. ” 
Music Producer | Ethan Kattau
Writer & Director | Allison Sabrie
Video Producer | Jonathan Scales
Director of Cinematography & Editor | Anthony D. Frederick
Set & Still Photographer | Juliet Cangelosi
Dancer A | Rhon Cameron Saunders
Dancer B | Betty Gurrola
Dancer C | Danielle Dipillo
Lighting Coordinator | Cesar Cisneros
Grip | Manny Salazar 
Set Assistant | Devonté Johnson 
Makeup Artist | Lena Kazer
Wardrobe Advisor | Renée Gutiérrez 
Social Media Coordinator & BTS Documentarian | Sam Steiber

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