I'm Alright

I’m Alright, released in January 2018, was Sabrie’s first creation in electronic music. Partnering with producer, Ethan Kattau for the first time, Sabrie wrote and created this feel-good harmonic single exclusively utilizing a cappella vocal looping. Kattau composed a pop-nodding electronic under-belly, setting a hypnotic and dream-like foundation for her next releases.
Artist Statement: “I’m Alright forced her way out of my brain and into a pop infused light. She wanted to exist when I decided I wanted to exist. Written as a therapeutic mantra for a mind drained and exhausted by religious institutionalized psychological processes and defeatist insecurity and depressive cycles – I’m Alright is a statement of acceptance and request. I must request to dive in to the vastness of life and human consciousness, I must request to stay alive, choosing to be okay within each moment. With this, I also accept that I will float, breathe, swim, and ultimately drown. I’m still here. I’m still swimming, and sometimes I get to float. I’m Alright. And so are you.” 
Music Producer | Ethan Kattau
still photographer | Ben daron
cover design | allison Sabrie

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