The Sister Singles

“This is the most feminist art I’ve ever made.” It won’t be that way for long. The Sister Singles were released in tandem in December 2018, as sisters, not twins. United by their messages of femininity and openness and their synth foundations, this duo reflects Sabrie’s commitment to direct messaging through powerful vocals and mantra-like looping lyrics. 

Nice Lovers | Electro-pop feminist marching anthem with uniquely saturated vocals and feel good message for all loving humans

Womb | Indie-Pop soulful ballad saturated with harmonies and platforming a message of fluid sexuality and invited female intimacy

Music Producer | Ethan Kattau
Female Voices ft. on Nice Lovers | Krystal Thompson, Helen Boggess, Emily Felix, Ruby Felix, Devin Bishop, Jordan Bishop, Renée Tyson, danielle dipillo, Angela Cunningham, JessicaMcKeon, Rebecca Knight, Anne Cameron, Rowan Jade Doughty
Yellow body | Danielle Dipillo
Pink Body | Allison Sabrie 
Peach Body | anonymous womxn
photographer | Ben Daron 
Cover designs | Allison Sabrie

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