Sabrie is grounded in electropop experimental loops and strong female vocals. Saturated harmonies layered over hypnotic dream-like beats create a juicy synth safety zone for your mind. The first single, “I’m Alright”, has been joined by consecutive work carving out a platform for humanist ideals, feminist ballads, and opportunities to relax, reflect, and open up a component of our humanity. Her 4/20 release, “Get High” marks the last single before Sabrie devotes an indefinite amount of time to the creation of a larger body of work. 

Writer & Vocalist | Allison Sabrie Dozet
Producer & Composer | Ethan Kattau

“Be the art you want to see in the world.” – Allison Sabrie

I see you and I – all of us interconnected in a tumble of hands and the bellow of the wind. We are the ocean waves. We are sighs of relief. We are a deep melodic bass and harmonic looping to untie tears. We are the tambre of our own voices in our ears as we pound rubber soles on concrete floors.

Sabrie is an art project. She is art that sees art that makes art. She is the belief that we are here. We are a capacity to see and listen. We are art ourselves.

Sabrie is granted by an electropop spirit and named after a human (my great grandmother) who was not publicly recognized in her time – except for by relation to men or religious institution. She died the year before I was born. Sabrie is in my blood. She is a female voice that is strong and direct. She is interested in human belief systems, in open questioning, and social commentary. Sabrie acknowledges dependency on pop culture waves while leaving ample room for natural vocal play and experimental organic elements. She settles into idealized recognition for the absolutes among randomization: We are related and separate. We are attached and removed. We are the same and so very different.

Thank you for listening. Thank you for being alive with me.

– Allison Sabrie

Thank you for your love of art that sees art that makes art.

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Thank you for being here. Thank you for being alive with me.